Casual games boost for IGA

Casual games boost for IGA
Michael French

By Michael French

May 23rd 2007 at 12:30PM

In-game advertising network IGA has forged a deal with online games developer Artix.

The move sees IGA's Radial network connected to Artix' portal of titles that include Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, and Battleon and broadens the company's scope over the casual games market. Artix' games purportedly have 8.4 million unique visitors per month.

We are going to be focusing on 15 second video ads on the three game sites,” said Justin Townsend, CEO, IGA. “The deal with Artix Entertainment allows us to offer further video options to our advertisers, leveraging the creative spots created for television as that medium continues to lose viewers.”

“Artix has a very active, involved player community that visits the site often,” said Adam Bohn, Founder, Artix Entertainment. “Artix is entering the in-game advertising market as almost 98 per cent of users play free. The demographic of Artix users represent a unique family oriented cross section of the online community and reaches an audience from eight to 80.”