Capcom prepared to move Resi development to western studios

Capcom prepared to move Resi development to western studios

By Rob Crossley

June 1st 2009 at 1:25PM

Company states it is â??opening itself upâ? to developers outside Japan

Capcom is prepared to move the development of its most lucrative franchises, including Resident Evil, to western studios.

Recently the company entrusted its Bionic Commando IP to Swedish developer Grin, and is currently assisting Washington-based Airtight Games with the development of new IP Dark Void – with Inafune himself providing feedback.

This new outreach to western developers is “something you’re going to see more of” according to Chris Kramer, Senior Director of Communications and Community at Capcom USA.

Speaking to Gamespy, Kramer said that “the idea of having external, especially western development teams, on games that have been primarily Capcom Japan intellectual properties is really new.”

“But as we go forward and do more games along the lines of Bionic Commando, I think you’re going to see the company open itself up more to developers outside of Japan. So is it possible that some day a Resident Evil game could be done by western developers? Absolutely.”

Kramer added that there wasn’t a western Resi development project in place, however, but added that Capcom’s new cosmopolitan outlook on game development is continuing apace.