Broken Sword Kickstarter finishes at $800k

Broken Sword Kickstarter finishes at $800k
Craig Chapple

By Craig Chapple

September 24th 2012 at 10:00AM

More than 14,000 backers pledge support to fifth entry into the series

Revolution Software’s Broken Sword Kickstarter has finished at nearly $800k, double its original funding goal.

The Charles Cecil led-UK studio launched its crowdfunding campaign for The Serpent’s Curse over a month ago, and has since garnered more than 14,000 backers.

Paypal backers also brought the game's total funds to around $820k.

The point and click adventure game was launched to help give Revolution Software “full creative freedom” over the title’s development.

Despite setting a goal of $1million to greenlight development on a sequel to 1994 adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky, Revolution has told Develop it plans to make the game due to the resounding success of its Kickstarter campaign.

The Serpent’s Curse is currently slated for release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android in early 2013.