Braben: Letâ??s hope tax break is genuine

Braben: Letâ??s hope tax break is genuine

By Stuart Richardson

March 24th 2010 at 2:49PM

Frontier chairman hopes for promises to become reality

Chairman of Frontier and industry veteran David Braben spoke positively about the tax breaks for the UK games industry announced in the budget earlier today.

“It is really heartening to finally see government recognising our industry, albeit on the eve of an election. Well done to Tom Watson, Ed Vaizey and Don Foster in making this happen,” he told Develop.

He added a more cutious note, however, saying that he “hopes that it is a genuine plan to do something, rather than just another plan to ‘consult’.”

Braben began work in 1982 with the influential title Elite, and has been a respected figure ever since.