Blitz and Realtime Worlds praise Dare to be Digital

Blitz and Realtime Worlds praise Dare to be Digital
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

February 16th 2010 at 4:02PM

High profile studios show support for student development competition

“There’s no doubt that participating in Dare provides students with invaluable insights into how the industry works,” stated Brian Lawson from Realtime Worlds. “It provides prospective employers with a level of comfort that these students are coming into the industry with a more realistic outlook than their counterparts, who are coming fresh out of university and into a real development environment for the first time.”

“Dare To Be Digital provides students with experience of perhaps the most important aspect of being in the games industry: working as part of a collaborative team who are striving towards a common goal, learning to look critically at your own work, understanding how it fits into the schedule and the project as a whole are key to the success of the project," adds Blitz Games Studios’ Aaron Miller.

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