Beautiful Game to skip Champ Man this year

Beautiful Game to skip Champ Man this year

By Ben Parfitt

September 8th 2010 at 12:11PM

Beautiful Game Studios doesnâ??t think boxed copy on PC is going to last much longer

The decline of the boxed PC games market has claimed one of its most high-profile casualties yet with news that the PC arm of famed football management series Championship Manager has been put “on hold”.

Instead, developer Beautiful Game Studios is to focus on expanding the series into growing markets as well as onto growing platforms such as the iPhone.

“We were fixated on one format – a format that was in decline in boxed copies,” studio boss Roy Meredith told Eurogamer. “With the market shrinking it was quite a risky or dangerous situation to be in. So we took the decision to put the PC game on hold and build up our business in other areas.

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