Babel partners with Game Centre Group

Babel partners with Game Centre Group

By Ed Fear

February 19th 2009 at 11:00AM

Deal to result in cross-global MMO support services

Babel is to partner with the Game Centre Group in order to provide a joint global customer support service for online games and MMOs.

Babel's European teams will be linked with Game Centre's US facilities to provide a combined service for the North American and European markets.

"Being able to take the knowledge we gain during the QA and localisation phase of a title and apply that to customer support is another great example of Babel taking the lead," said Richard Leinfellner, CEO of Babel.

"Customers paying significant monthly fees really need to be looked after by professionals working in a secure environment rather than relying on support by a fan base in bedrooms. I am proud to be partnering with Game Centre Group who share our vision of delivering world-wide high quality services."

D. Scott Mattson, president of Game Centre Group, added: "Babel regularly recruits and trains in over 20 languages, and with locations in UK, Canada and India already and more underway, it was the ideal partner to choose. We have the knowledge and technology to offer first class support and Babel has both the games knowledge and the resources on which we can both leverage, so it is an ideal solution."