Autodesk bolsters Scaleform SDK and plug-in

Autodesk bolsters Scaleform SDK and plug-in
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

October 12th 2012 at 12:26PM

Mobile SDK gets fmod, Unity add-on introduces Render to Texture

Autodesk has added new tool support to a pair of its low priced Scaleform licenses.

The Scaleform Mobile SDK has seen fmod support added, allowing users access to the audio engine at no additional cost. The integration will grant Scaleform SDK users the opportunity to add numerous audio effects to their work.

Meanwhile, the official Scaleform Unity plug-in now includes the Render to Texture software. As a result of the update, developers using the tech can now render Flash movies into all textures within Unity via the Scaleform plug-in.

The solution is being pitched as of great use to those wishing to animate the likes of in-game screens, billboards and the GUIs Scaleform is famous for serving.

More information is available at Autodesk's official Gameware website, found here.