Audiokinetic releases Wwise 2008.2

Audiokinetic releases Wwise 2008.2

By Ed Fear

May 22nd 2008 at 3:39PM

New version features multi-channel support and Wwise Motion

Audiokinetic has released Wwise 2008.2, the latest version of its audio middleware solution.

Chief upgrades to the product include the addition of multi-channel sources, now supporting files up to 5.1 channels, and added support for the Subversion source control system.

Also added is the first public release of Wwise Motion, Audiokinetic's rumble solution that allows vibration effects to be generated from audio waveforms or hand-edited in the Wwise program.

“Wwise Motion demonstrates once again that Audiokinetic is always a step ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and advanced production pipeline,” said Simon Ashby, Audiokinetic's product development manager.