Audiokinetic cuts audio tool prices

Audiokinetic cuts audio tool prices
Michael French

By Michael French

November 26th 2009 at 11:25AM

New pricing structure for the likes of Wwise and SoundSeed offers up to 20 per cent cost reduction

Audiokinetic has today detailed new features for its Wwise audio tool - and at the same time introduced a new pricing structure allowing customers to save up to 20 per cent on purchase of the company’s product families.
The 'buy more - pay less' approach means those buying multiple pricing products can make savings.

Purchasing two of the firm's products grants a five per cent discount, while those buying Audiokinetic's Power Pack – the combination of Wwise, Wwise Motion, SoundSeed Impact, SoundSeed Air, the 2 McDSP effects and the upcoming convolution reverb – grants a 20 per cent discount.

“Our products are powerful yet affordable, and this new pricing structure offers a great value for money,” said Geneviève Laberge, VP Sales, Audiokinetic.

“For example, purchasing the Power Pack for 1 title on 2 platforms now costs $33K – that’s an economy of $8,250 compared to the individual price of these 6 valuable products.”

Further details are available at the Audiokinetic site.