App store prices to rise 25% next week

App store prices to rise 25% next week
Jake Tucker

By Jake Tucker

January 17th 2017 at 10:50AM

Don't mention Brexit

The weak pound and continued instability around the currency in the continued mess surrounding the UK's bid to the leave the European Union has claimed another casualty - the 79p app.

Apple is hiking its prices in response to the pound's poor performance, with 9to5Mac claiming that developers have received official documentation detailing the change today. The rising price isn't limited just to the lowest tier though, with a 25 per cent price hike moving across the board, from the sub £ apps all the way to more expensive purchases, like Super Mario Run's £7.99 unlock fee for the complete game, which will probably rise to around £9.99.

Expect entertainment in other media to get more expensive too as these price rises are very likely across the board when the new price structure rolls out across the next week, although so far only the Mac and iOS app stores have had the increase confirmed.

In October last year, Apple hiked the prices of their Macbook laptops and other hardware by up to £500 in response to Brexit.