App developer is Bethesda's new lawsuit target

App developer is Bethesda's new lawsuit target

By Ben Parfitt

May 16th 2012 at 10:48AM

Creator of virtual Skyrim map told he is infringing on copyright

The developer of Dragon Shout, a free utility for players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been told by ZeniMax that he is infringing copyright.

The Bethesda owner has not yet demanded that the app be removed, but has issued a warning notice highlighting its concerns, TouchArcade reports.

"I did my best to ensure the app was not violating anything," creator ' Blalock' explained. "I looked up US trademarks and copyrights for 'Dragon Shout' and at the time there wasn't any.

“I had the map hand drawn. I intentionally didn't use any graphics or wording that would possibly be owned by Bethesda. So, I'm still not sure what they say the app violates."

Article originally appeared on MCV