Allegorithmic inks partnership with MMO trio

Allegorithmic inks partnership with MMO trio

By Rob Crossley

January 19th 2011 at 3:37PM

Studio trio uses Substance Redux for texture downsizing

Three leading MMO companies have bought a licence to Allegorithmic’s Substance Redux texture compression tool, the French firm has announced.

Runewaker Entertainment, NetDragon and are the three firms which will use Substance Redux to condense texture sizes in its upcoming games.

“Reducing the download size of MMO games is an excellent way to cut the bandwidth cost and lower the entrance barriers in homes and cyber cafes around the world,” said Allegorithmic CEO Sebastien Deguy.

“We are thrilled that Runewaker, Netdragon and have been able to produce such excellent results with Substance Redux and look forward to its continued success with users throughout the world.”