AI middleware is "fighting the battle physics has already won"

AI middleware is
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

March 4th 2009 at 1:23PM

xaitment's Schneider tells us how it's been trying to win over developers

In an interview with Develop xaitment's Markus Schneider has detailed the battle to establish the reputation of AI middleware.

"For several years now, AI middleware had to fight a battle that graphics or physics engines had already won," said xaiment's executive vice president of the Americas and Asia.

"That battle is to convince the market of the benefits of real AI middleware. AI was still a part of the development process that many studios would like to see in their own development team rather than using external tools. Or they didn’t care about real good AI at all.

"It is most exciting to see a shift in the thinking of a lot of major but also indie studios during the last year who are now considering to use AI middleware."

In the interview Schneider also addresses middleware's offering to indies, and states that xaitment is "happy to share the development risk" with its clients, by making its toolset available for free.

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