Adults only: Develop Awards video online

Adults only: Develop Awards video online
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

July 21st 2010 at 11:14AM

By popular demand, Develop brings its Awards video into the online wilderness

Is that… Ian Livingstone calling Peter Molyneux a dog-killer?

Is that… Mark Rein in the bath?

Is that an eight-minute symphony of foul-mouthed game developers?

Yes, yes, and oh Christ yes.

Following our biggest ever awards bash, Develop has been flooded with requests to show the Develop Awards video once more… so as we’re so kind to you all, here it is below.

Special thanks to all the fantastic sports who took the time out to participate - tell us what you think in the comments thread below, and brace yourselves for next year’s offering…


Alex Evans, Kareem Ettouney and Mark Healey - Media
Charles Cecil - Revolution Software
Chris Lee & Staff - Freestyle Games
Dan Martin, Fran Shergold, Phil Davidson, Rob Donald, Tom Molloy - NaturalMotion Games
David Braben - Frontier Developments
David Jefferies, Jay Green, Steve Uphill, Tony Beckwith, - Black Rock Studios
James Shepherd, Nancy Carter, Seb Caniff, - SCE London & Cambridge Studios
Ian Livingstone - Eidos
Mark Rein - Epic Games
Mick Morris - Audio Motion
Peter Molyneux - Lionhead Studios
Simon Nelson - BBC Vision