Activision recruits 300 in 3 years for CoD

Activision recruits 300 in 3 years for CoD
Will Freeman

By Will Freeman

June 15th 2010 at 3:52PM

Huge boost to headcount confirmed in company's E3 investor conference call

In the build up to its celebrity studded E3 party last night, Activision confirmed that in just three years it has added an impressive 300 staff to its Call of Duty team.

Speaking in the firm's E3 investor conference call Thomas Tippl, CFO of Activision said: “Over the last 3 years we’ve added 300 people to the Call of Duty headcount.”
“We’re the only publisher that developers can count on for being around in the long term," he later added

In the same conference call, infamous Activision CEO Bobby Kotick emphasised a focus on story-driven gameplay with hired actors used for motion capture, and taking influence from film and TV.