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Senior VFX Artist

This job has now expired
Aardvark Swift
Employer Aardvark Swift
Category Art/Animation
Salary £Negotiable DOE
Location UK - London
Reference 8718_JP3470SVA

Our client is now firmly established as one of the key studios in the UK. The last two AAA titles that they have developed have not only been both a commercial and a critical success, they have also earned them a number of awards.

They are looking to add to their family of staff, on a contract. They are looking for an exceptionally talented Senior VFX Artist who is ready for the challenge of producing a AAA title.


? Having worked on 2 or more Game development cycles.
? Exceptional work that raises the quality and visual bar of project.
? Self-organising and self-scheduling.
? Proactively and exceptionally help other team members to make them work more efficient and with higher quality.

Senior Goals:

? To create great Sequences/Cinematics/Event/Environment VFX on time and within budget
? To produce great VFX giving surplus quality to both art and design.
? To produce work to the required technical specifications (Overdraw / particle count etc.)
? To continually drive to improve the overall style and quality of the game?s visuals and VFX content and make suggestions where relevant.
? To take on extra responsibility such as special requests, extra deadlines, investigating new problems, and be up for more unusual and challenging work
? To be able to produce work unscheduled where necessary and self-schedule & organise the meetings, requirements and reviews with lead and relevant people.
? To be proactive with problem solving across the team and pre-emptive call out dependencies.
? To be responsible for ensuring that you are confident with your weekly tasks assigned at the start of the week (Self-regulating, organising and be independent worker)
? To be responsible for ensuring your weekly schedule is an accurate reflection of the work you complete each week.
? Liaison with VFX, Design and Art leads where relevant to plan and schedule VFX dependencies.
? Be a positive, active, and contributing team member
? To work productively and effectively with the Cinematics and art team, the Producer Design and Art Director
? Develop strong work relations with Design , art and Cinematic Teams.
? To help team members to improve their skill sets
? To communicate with the other disciplines on the team in a technical and creative level
? To attend meetings and maintain relevant documentation.
? To have developed a specific specialist skill or skills and become an industry expert in VFX.
? To read relevant articles, books and view all competitive products in your specialist area
? To improve and develop skills related to current project tools and workflows.
? To have full working knowledge of the projects tool chain and the game engine and to report consistently any issues or areas that could improve workflow.

Senior VFX Artist?s typical weekly work:

? Produce great artwork for the game. This should make up 60-90% of the Senior Artist?s working week.
? Helping others solve problems and taking on extra projects and responsibilities. This should make up 10-30% of the Senior Artist?s working week.
? Use specialist skills to produce artwork. This should make up 10-30% of the Senior Artists working week.
? Help non-senior team members with any problems and help improve their skills. This should make up 10-30% of the Senior Artist?s time.

Required Skills/Experience:

? Highly advanced knowledge of relevant VFX aspects.
? Ability to field questions from various members of the team on VFX and Art.
? Ability to adapt to various art styles & requirements.
? Ability to take a design or concept and interpret this into art content.
? Kismet (logical implementations of events, sequences, cinematics)
? Visual Composition -How effects relate to the environment, objects and animation.
? Utilising third party software (rayfire, fumex, reactor, blender, adobe after effects) when required
? Profound understanding of Animation, weighting, timing, action-reaction, in relation to VFX.
? Having and on-going master all mandatory VFX artist qualities. (See bottom Extra)

Mandatory Skills:

? Excellent understanding of particle creation and real-time effects.
? Experience with any game editor. (Preferably Unreal)
? Solid working knowledge with 3d Studio max and Photoshop.
? Strong Visual Understanding of natural phenomena. (waves, lightning, electricity, ...)
? Strong Understanding of fantastic/magical phenomena and be able to visualise/create such unreal effects in a believable fashion.
? Understanding of traditional arts and use of colour, composition.
? Understanding of traditional animation weighting, timing, key-framing
? Solid Technical and problem solving skills.
? Proficient in creation of Textures. (and alpha maps).
? Experienced in Modelling and Uvw mapping.
? In-depth understanding of animating UVW?s, Shaders, Flipbook Textures,
? Previous experience as an environment -, prop -, and animation artist is a plus.
? Good understanding of profiling and optimisation.
? Able to work as part of a team. Take on board and implement given feedback with quick turnarounds. Work independently and be self-motivated.
? Extensive knowledge of Unreal Editor
? Extensive feeling for transparent, alpha, additive and other blending modes.
? Extensive knowledge of third party VFX tools. (a big plus as its increasingly important to know these)


? Rayfire
? FumeFx
? MassFX
? Reactor
? Apex Tools
? Particle Flow
? Understanding of Scripting or/and coding.
? Traditional drawing and painting skills.
? Have a solid interest in games.

More details are available by contacting Simon Hope at Aardvark Swift via email: simon@aswift.com