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Programme Coordinator, Games Programming (SAE London)

This job has now expired
SAE Institute
Employer SAE Institute
Category Other
Salary £29,000 - 38,000
Type Permanent
Location UK

SAE London

Programme Coordinator:

Games Programming

£29,000 – 38,000

(depending on qualifications and experience)

Full Time, Permanent


SAE Institute is a leading global provider of education for creative media industries with a current network of over 50 Colleges worldwide. SAE is part of the Navitas Group, a diversified global education provider that offers an extensive range of educational services for students and professionals.

We are seeking to recruit a Programme Coordinator for the Games Programming department at our London campus. The Programme Coordinator works within a dynamic, student centered environment that seeks to foster open intellectual inquiry, creative expression and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

The Programme Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the planning and effective delivery of the games programming programmes, including teaching across a range of core games programming modules/subjects. The Programme Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the validated programmes are delivered in accordance with the approved Programme Specifications and the relevant approved academic policies are effectively implemented and maintained.

Essential skills

  • Demonstrated ability to teach across a range of core games programming areas (OOP, 2D/3D games development, AI, Advanced Games Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Games Design and Applied Advanced Maths Principles)
  • Strong technical skills and knowledge (C++, STL, Design Patterns, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX 11, Games Developer Tools and Applications including Unity, Unreal Engines)
  • Experience creating games, ideally within an industry context
  • Demonstrated High Level of Maths
  • Good written and verbal communication skills


Desirable Criteria:

  • Game development experience,
  • iOS/Android development experience,
  • Willingness to pursue professional development opportunities.


Full details can be found in the attached position description.


What we offer

An attractive remuneration package will be negotiated with the successful candidate.  SAE offers outstanding long-term career opportunities within the UK and abroad, and is values driven and an equal opportunity employer. Enquiries and applications, including a cover letter and resume, should be sent to Abdur Rahim, Campus Academic Coordinator, a.rahim@sae.edu. Applications close on 10.08.2014.


Position Description


Title:   Programme Coordinator (Games Programming)



Business Division:            SAE Institute UK - London Campus

Responsible to:                 Campus Academic Coordinator / Campus Manager


 1.              Primary Objectives of Job:

 The Programme Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the delivery of a nominated discipline area, including all taught elements and awards that comprise this area. The primary role of the Programme Coordinator is to ensure that the specified taught programmes are delivered in accordance with the approved Programme Specifications and the relevant approved academic policies relating to that proqramme.



2.              Key Relationships:
      i.         Students
     ii.         Campus Academic Coordinator:
   iii.         Programme Leader: Work in close collaboration in relation maintenance of academic standards and continuous improvement of programmes
   iv.         Campus manager: For all non-academic matters
     v.         Programme Coordinators
   vi.         Teaching Staff
  vii.         Admin Staff



3.              Key accountabilities that are part of the role:
      i.         Provide academic leadership across all programmes within the relevant discipline area;
     ii.         Support and implement the strategic directions of the Institute;
   iii.         Ensure effective implementation of the Institute’s policies and procedures;
   iv.         Enhance the quality of the educational experience for students;
     v.         Ensure commitment to professional excellence in leaning and teaching;
   vi.         Maintain and enhance professional development and scholarly, creative and Industry knowledge.


4.              Key Performance Indicators:
      i.         Contribute to maintaining harmonious working relationships within the Institute;
     ii.         Effective coordination of the relevant discipline area;
   iii.         Timely and appropriate implementation of SAE’s academic and non-academic policies and procedures;
   iv.         Increase in student retention rate through innovative teaching and learning methodologies, and timely interventions and excellent student support;
     v.         Active involvement in industry networks and engagement with industry representatives;
   vi.         Proactive promotion and contribution to curriculum development and continuous improvement;
  vii.         All duties are carried out and completed as directed;
Implementation of the Institute’s management strategies;
   ix.         Timeliness in the execution of all duties.



5.              Key Competencies:
Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
      i.         The Programme Coordinator is expected to develop and promote the learning
objectives for the programme together with related assessment tasks, including:
a)    ensuring the authenticity of assessment tasks;
b)    developing the related study guide, readings or outline materials for students;
c)    managing the development of content and source material for delivery of any internal lectures, tutorials or workshops;
d)    liaising with the library and learning centre to ensure all resources required to complete the programme are available,
e)    ensuring required texts and equipment are available in good time for students;
f)      ensuring the equivalence of standards and learning materials with other campuses where the programme is delivered;
g)    ensuring that all students enrolled in the programme by the due date receive the relevant materials and assessment tasks, together with grading criteria for each assessment task, in a timely manner.
     ii.         The Programme Coordinator is expected to ensure that programme and module
objectives are clearly aligned with assessment tasks by:
a)    setting clear assignment tasks and implemented associated marking criteria as required by the approved module outline in consultation with the CAC and Programme Leader;
b)    ensuring compliance with moderation of assessment tasks and criteria and to ensure equivalence, fairness, and transparency.
   iii.         The Programme Coordinator is responsible for effective delivery of the teaching and learning activities in the programme and is expected to facilitate student learning outcomes by:
c)    preparing and delivering lectures;
d)    preparing and delivering tutorials, practical classes, demonstrations, workshops, student field excursions, or studio sessions as required;
e)    being available for student consultation on a regular basis;
f)      coordinating all modes of delivery and support;
g)    informing all other teaching staff associated with the programme of their obligations to be available for student consultation;
h)    responding to student queries in a timely manner;
i)      supervising the teaching staff associated with the programme if required;
j)      moderating marking in consultation with the CAC;
k)    monitoring all feedback on students work.
   iv.         The Programme Coordinator is required to ensure that all administrative tasks
associated with the delivery of the programme are completed on time by:
a)    assessing any applications by students with regard to assignment extension and provide written advice to the students of the outcome;
b)    ensuring that appropriate staff are available during examinations and, where possible, attend examinations for the purpose of clarifying examination paper content if required;
c)    providing examination details and examination and special examinations papers according to published deadlines;
d)    ensuring submission of final grades in accordance with approved policies and published deadlines;
e)    ensuring provision of appropriate feedback to students about their performance;
f)      keeping accurate records of all enrolled students’ performance in the programme;
g)    retaining all relevant documentation with regard to a student’s performance in a programme for one year after the publication of the final grade;
h)    making recommendations on advanced standing applications where appropriate;
i)      consulting with the CAC and the Programme Leader on a regular basis or as required.
     v.         The Programme Coordinator is expected to facilitate improvements in the relevant programme by:
a)    liaising with the CAC and the Programme Leader to make recommendations regarding possible changes to the programme;
b)    reviewing the programme and reporting as required by current course review policies;
c)    developing and coordinating all assessment feedback processes for all students in the programme;
d)    ensuring appropriate responses, actions and reports on student feedback;
e)    documenting improvement in programmes as a result of stakeholder feedback.
   vi.         The Programme Co-ordinator is expected to be especially mindful of a student’s need for pastoral care and support, particularly in a student’s first trimester of study. The Programme Co-ordinator should:
a)    be alert to a student’s potential need for assistance,
b)    refer students to the appropriate person or service who can assist, eg provide advice or counselling when aware of students who are having difficulties;
c)    ensure that students in their first period of study are particularly supported through the provisions of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy;
d)    ensure that students who fail their first assessment task in their first year of study in a course are provided with the opportunity to resubmit, while recognising that a student will not be able to attain a grade higher than ‘pass’ if they successfully resubmit.
  vii.         The Programme Coordinator will also be expected to:
a)    chair regular student representative meetings and report outcomes to the CAC,
b)    assist with and to participate in Assessment Panels and Boards of Studies as required;
c)    assist with implementation of the Student Engagement Policy, in particular course and module evaluation surveys and the analysis of data and feedback to students;
d)    undertake teaching duties as allocated in area of academic expertise;
e)    undertake other relevant duties as directed from time to time.
6.              Selection Criteria:
      i.         Demonstrated high level of communication skills both verbal and written;
     ii.         A Post Graduate degree in a related field (Combination of PhD or MA with a PG Cert Ed. in a related field and 5 yrs. Professional/industry experience and/or teaching experience in a senior role);
   iii.         Proven organisational skills;
   iv.         Ability to organise, prioritise and meet deadlines;
     v.         Adept in the use of the required technologies;
   vi.         Familiar with using the Internet and email;
  vii.         Demonstrated client service orientation;
Knowledge of the relevant disciplinary area;
   ix.         Ability to work in and foster a harmonious working environment;
     x.         Willingness to pursue professional development opportunities;
   xi.         Ability to advise on the selection, development and use of appropriate educational technologies.