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Lighting Artist

This job has now expired
Aardvark Swift
Employer Aardvark Swift
Category Art
Salary £40000-50000
Location Other

Over the last fifteen years, our client has entertained millions of players around the world with their award-winning and massively entertaining games. They're a team of talented people who craft games with joy, passion, and commitment to quality.

Lighters create atmosphere, add realism, tone, depth and emphasize drama or narrative. They also establish and clarify location, weather, time of day, etc. Lighters execute their work by leveraging their technical knowledge, as well as their strong sense of aesthetics, to create lighting in environments that meet the expectations of the art director and run within budget of the game engine.


  • Creating both the exterior and interior lighting within levels and cut scenes.
  • Plf light sources within the environment.
  • Creation of sky dome and cloud textures.
  • Tuning of shading materials and textures to improve the perception of the lighting.
  • Post processing; colour grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Deep understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and software rendering.
  • Strong sense of lighting theory; colour space, exposure, light fixtures, natural light, reflections etc.
  • Good understanding of cinematography and dramaturgy; the use of camera technology, scene blocking and lighting to set the mood.

For more information about this excellent role contact Danny Blachford at danny.b@aswift.com or give us a call on 01709 834777.