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Playing to Learn: Wibbu's journey from a frozen flat in the Cotswolds to a thriving edu-games studio

Co-founder Liam McGinley tells Develop about what we can expect from the studio's increasing ambitions, which is currently looking to hire

Unity Focus: Brainhold's Odyssey

Argentinian micro-studio Brainhold hopes to bring the striking visuals, quirky soundscapes and emotional punch of kids’ cartoons and Japanese animation to its debut 2.5D platformer. In their first-ever interview, Martin Ayguavella, Diego Sarmentero and Mauricio Dal Fabbro chart the vivid world of Rex Odyssey

What's NXT for Runescape? A closer look at Jagex's new engine

15 years after it originally hit computer screens, Jagex’s free MMO has received its first major engine overhaul, bringing with it a sea of big changes. Develop checks in with technology manager Mathew Burnett and lead graphics developer David Gillham to see what’s new in NXT

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