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NeuroGaming 2014

May 7th - May 8th, 2014, Metreon, San Francisco, USA

NeuroGaming 2014

Learn how neuro gaming tech will impact all facets of the gaming industry

The Neurogaming 2014 Conference and Expo is the where your mind and body meet gameplay.

Neurogame developers are using the latest emotional, cognitive, sensory and behavioral technologies to create radically compelling experiences to engage and entertain gamers worldwide.

  • Find out how neuro gaming technologies are creating new growth opportunities
  • See what venture and strategic investors are looking to fund in the space
  • Hear from industry thought leaders and start up veterans on what's next
  • Learn how neuro gaming will impact all facets of the gaming industry
  • Discover new partnering and revenue making opportunities
  • Try out the latest neuro gaming technologies for yourself