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Mobile Gaming Europe

November 20th - November 21st, 2013, Grange Tower Bridge, London, UK

Mobile Gaming Europe

An event that aims to help you boost discoverability, virality and brand loyalty in your games to make more money in mobile

Over 120 comapnies are confirmed to be attending this year's Mobile Gaming Europe conference.

Meet with execs from Apple, Tencent, King, Natural Motion, Disney, Kabam, Exient, SEGA, Sony, Microsoft, Mind Candy, SGN and more.

Walk away with expert insight of how to:

  • Captilalise on social gaming: Learn from the masters of social games like Mind Candy, DeNA and make your games more socially interesting; the sure-fire way to increase your games global popularity
  • Boost your market visibility: Gain practical insight from the industry's leaders to pioneer new designs and game mechanics and guarantee your game will stand out from the crowd
  • Case studies of the best Mobile Games: Take away exclusive expertise from the likes of  Boss Alien and Perfect World to App store games of the year and BAFTA award winners; discover the secrets to their success
  • Crack F2P and top the charts: Nail the balance between monetisation, retention and overall a great game experience from unique panels featuring the dominant forces in the F2P market
  • Grow your mobile business:  Hear well-rounded business advice allowing you to find and retain key talent, expand your products into new markets; grow your business and make more money

For more information, visit the official website.