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Intel® Buzzworkshop

December 8th, 2015, Impact Hub Westminster, 1st Floor New Zealand House 80, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE, London

Intel® Buzzworkshop

The Intel® Buzzworkshop will land in London on December 8th!

The Intel® Buzzworkshop will land in London on December 8th! A full day dedicated to the gaming industry with technical sessions, panels, networking and a game developer showcase!

The objective of this workshop is to bring developers, designers and entrepreneurs, involved or interested in being involved, in the gaming scene, together to network, share knowledge and discuss the challenges encountered.

Here is the program of the day:

-How to create your own game engine by Gorm Lai

-Game Development in VR by Marco Colombo

-Introduction to Realsense by Costas Stylianou
-The future of indie games by Joe BainAttilio Carotenuto and Vegard Myklebust
-LibGDX by Tom Wojciechowski
-7 simple tricks for game designers by Asher Einhorn
-Optimizing games for PowerVR GPUs by Joe Davis
-DirectX12 by Leigh Davies

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