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GameCity 8

October 19th - October 26th, 2013, Nottingham, UK

GameCity 8

Nottingham's annual celebration of games returns to delight, educate and enthral

At this year's GameCity festival, the organisers have done away with the huge tent they constructed in the Old Market Square – the vibrant heart of the festival that hosted all sorts of creative and surprising things.

In 2013, the festival is going more public than ever before. No walls, no admission tickets – just two big screens and a huge Market Square.

Every night, GameCity's twin screens will change positions.

The organisers are expecting a lot of people to wander through the Market Square during the week of GameCity 8 this year.

So it intends to make sure that whatever’s on the screens is as exciting as possible.

Just some of the amazing people who’ve already volunteered to make new projects especially for the two big screens include: Phil Fish (FEZ), Richard LeMarchand (Associate Professor in the USC Games program), Mike Bithell (Thomas was Alone), Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing), Keita Takahashi (Noby Noby Boy), Sophie Houlden (SWIFT*STITCH) and Martin Hollis (Goldeneye 64).

GameCity 8 takes place at various venues and public spaces across Nottingham.

For more, visit the official website.