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May 9th - May 11th, 2014, Level39, Canary Wharf, London


A one-day conference and two-day hackathon for start-ups and developers

DevLabLive, a new event for UK developers and start-ups, will be held this May.

The event comprises of a one-day conference and a two-day hackathon, and will be held at Level39 in Canary Wharf, London.

The conference, held on Friday, May 9th, will see experts discuss a variety of topics, ranging from virtual currency, wearable tech and how digital innovations are attracting big brands and agencies. Full topics include:

  • Opportunities for co-creation in digital innovation with big brands and agencies
  • Virtual Currency – Options & Opportunities for Brands & Developers
  • How future interfaces will change the way we consume music
  • What are the real opportunities in IoT
  • How to design digital products for agile development
  • Drones and Brands in the public space (challenges for designing and programming functional drones)
  • Designing for the invisible. The future of wearable tech on app development
  • A look into the future and coming trends 3-5 years away

Saturday, May 10th and Sunday, May 11th will host the hackathon, organised in partnership with Beamly and Intelligent Headset, will offer attendees two challenges: creating something for Beamly's TV-based social network, or creating something that allows people to socialise using the Intelligent Headset.

The winner of each challenge with receive £2,500 and be given the chance to compete again three months later for the grand prize of £10,000.

Other prizes from the weekend include smartphones, gadgets, vouchers and more.

You can find out more at www.thedeveloperlab.com, where you can also book tickets.

Brands supporting the event include Nokia, 3scale, CIsco, Kwamecorp, Geometry, Sapient Nitro, Bloom.fm, Last.fm, Mixlr. Urban Airship, Distimo, VIsionMobile, Judo Payments, Apptivation and Beamly.

If you register with the code 'DEVEASY', you'll receive at 25 per cent discount.