GDC: All the news in one place

GDC: All the news in one place

By Develop Staff

March 11th 2010 at 9:00AM

Post-event coverage continues

Below you’ll find all the news relevant to the Game Developers Conference 2010, updated in real-time and listed in reverse chronological order.

You can also look through some choice pictures of the event here.

GameSpy launches new online game dev tools
Record numbers for GDC

Insomniac Games going multiplatform?
Sony claims UMD is 'alive and well'
'Crunch culture, not Microsoft, killed Ensemble'
Wright talk heralds 'age of opportunity'

Free Autodesk Maya course for all students
Sony's 'Skinny' strategy backs non-game apps
VIDEO: Havok's theory of destruction

Gaming's future is in bio-sensory data
PS Move requires a mere 2MB of RAM
Molyneux: Motion control surge has devs in a sweat

VIDEO: CryEngine 3 demonstration
DRM damages the value of games, says Newell
New web-based character creation tool launches
Newell and Carmack crowned legends at GDC awards
Brilliant Naughty Dog dominate GDC awards

New studio formed by ex-EA staff
Xloc unveils version 4.0
Epic details UE3's latest improvements

Fork Particle integrates with Perforce
New US studio unveils 'real guitar' game
Dolby unveils Axon for consoles
Hi5 launches exclusive dev program
Tripwire uses Luxology modelling software
OpenGL 4.0 specs released

Epic and Valve unite in Steamworks/UE3 deal
Update released for Gamebryo LightSpeed
$8m deal takes Image Metrics public

PlayStation Move latency revealed
Eve Online studio CCP on PS Move project
Havok at centre of new PS Move shooter

Sony lists 36 dev partners for Move
Metismo expands web app support

EA laments Infinity Ward row
Consoles to become portals, predicts Perry
Sony confirms Move's nunchuck add-on

Games 'key' to MySpace revamp
OnLive dates launch, pricing for US
Now Kore names NetDevil as latest partner

Havok co-founders cut to the Kore
Vision Engine in punchy multi-game deal

Zynga bandwagon 'dangerous for devs'
Mobile-friendly XNA version 4 announced

32m play Farmville each day
Allegorithmic unveils Substance Redux

Habbo Hotel talks better virtual worlds
Facebook claims 'revolution' in games design
Havok reports large sales growth
EA signs on with 38 Studios
Dev source backs claim of PS3 'nunchuck'
Bigpoint boats Unity's cross-platform system

Big Ubi deal for NaturalMotion

New CEO for Emergent

GDC: Palm release games dev kit

Globex Studios Launches

Bungie in 'Hollywood-grade' face caption deal

New social monetisation platform announced

Codemasters Guildford unveils new IP

49 Games expands management

GDC 2011 event dates detailed

Unity claims 'engine with broadest support'

Valve confirms Steam and Source for Mac
Trio of new tools fight mobile market congestion
Tax relief 'loophole' for UK studios
TechExcel reveals new tool bundle
Facial and body mo-cap fusion process announced


Nintendo master dev to make major GDC lecture
Carmack honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award
New string of talks as GDC fills to the brim
Sony Motion Controller demo confirmed for GDC
Sony, OnLive, Unity and EA set for GamesBeat
Molyneux and Schafer lead new rush of GDC talks
Trinigy readies Vision Engine v8 for GDC reveal
Sid Meier to keynote GDC 2010
GDC ties with Develop
Bungie and Square Enix to talk audio at GDC 2010
Facebook keynote set for GDC2010
New GDC 2010 speakers announced