About Us

Setting the agenda

Develop is in a unique position at the games industry's heart, detailing the latest business, coding, art, sound and game design trends, and featuring interviews with the creative and commercial leaders in the field, reaching 300,000 readers.

From tools technology to production processes behind video games and serious industry issues, only Develop has complete trust and total reach within the international community.

We listen and, by working with our readership, we set the news agenda for people inside the business.

Essential Information

Develop is the only European-based website and magazine totally focused on the games development sector. It benefits from being able to drill down into technical subjects and agenda-setting issues, whilst offering valuable tips and information to its readers.

Develop is written for creative staff working directly on game projects and using software tools on a daily basis. These include programmers, designers, producers, artists, animators, quality assurance managers, testing executives, audio professionals, musicians and more.

The Develop 100

The 2013 edition of the Develop 100 features a list of the top 100 developers in the UK based on their commercial and critical success, reputation, and potential.

It also lists a comprehensive guide of over 500 game development businesses in the UK, from one-man microstudios to the biggest triple-A firms in the country.

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Maximum Value for Advertisers

A monthly magazine, constantly updated website, daily email news roundups, breaking email newsflashes, social media and apps have helped create an unrivaled offering, increasing the visibility of your trade advertising messages.

To find out how Develop can support your business across its print, digital, online, apps and email channels, contact Alex.Boucher@intentmedia.co.uk, or call him on +44 (0) 1992 535 647. Read more here.